Rebecca J Higgins Design

Rebecca is a compulsive crafter with many passions. She’s been ‘making things’ since she was tiny, and now works as a prop maker for kids’ TV. In between jobs, she experiments with other crafts, and about three years ago, got into painting china. This collided with the peak of her Drag Race obsession, and so the first hand-painted ‘What’s the Tea?’ cup was born. She put it on Instagram and it sold straight away, and she hasn’t looked back since! When she started getting more orders than she could keep up with, she approached a pottery who now create her designs.
Rebecca likes glitter a lot. She also loves a good pun. She enjoys a themed outfit and takes fancy dress seriously! She also loves all things vintage, and has an extensive collection of vintage teaware which will never be for sale thank you very much! She’s thrilled to be exhibiting at DragWorld for the second year, and after such a positive response last year, can’t wait to introduce some new designs to the world!